Mum, I’d Like To Formally Announce That You No Longer Emabarrass Me Anymore
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Able and Game



Aaah, the embarrassing Mum.

Picking you up from school with her jumper on inside out?
“who cares, no one will notice”
Singing the lyrics to Justin Beiber’s BABY but saying BODHI
“Oh I thought it was about a guy called Bodhi. A surfer dude he hangs out with in Hawaii??” Or that time she baked your birthday cake but used packed pancake mix instead of packed cake mix.
“I wonder why it didn’t rise!”

However did you ever wonder if you embarrass your Mum?

Card Size - A6 when folded
Height: 14.8 Cm/5.8 Inches
Width: 10.5 Cm/4.1 Inches

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