EE Defender and 2CM+ pencil
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  • EE Defender and 2CM+ pencil
  • EE Defender and 2CM+ pencil

The 2CM+ pencil from Grey Ray was invented to save graphite. The pencil lead ends 2cm before the end of the pencil allowing people to use all the mineral graphite in one pencil worthily.

The pencil comes with an EE Defender Pencil Cap which was initially designed for art students in Thailand who wanted to sharpen their pencil lead to be longer than standard length for easier shadowing technique and detailed drawing. The design is award winning. Use it on the sharpened end of your pencil to protect the point or place it on the other end to make it easier to hold pencils even when they're short.

  • three available pencil cap colours (green, orange, or ivory)

Designed in Thailand

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