Blackwing Special Edition - Volume 42
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  • Blackwing Special Edition - Volume 42
  • Blackwing Special Edition - Volume 42
  • Blackwing Special Edition - Volume 42
  • Blackwing Special Edition - Volume 42

 Make your mark on history with this fabulous special edition of our favourite pencil, the Palomino Blackwing.

  • 20.5cm long. 0.75cm barrel diameter
  • Suits: Sketching, drawing, shading
  • Replaceable Eraser.
  • Genuine FSC-certified Incense-cedar barrel. Graphite formulation lead.

A tribute to civil rights activist and baseball legend Jack “Jackie” Robinson, the Volume 42 features our balanced graphite, white barrel, blue imprint and eraser, road gray ferrule, and iconic red 42 (the number Jackie wore when playing in the Major League for the Brooklyn Dodgers.

On July 6, 1944, eleven years before Rosa Parks famously refused to move to the back of the bus in Montgomery, Alabama and ignited the Civil Rights Movement, another individual refused to move to the back of a bus. He was 2nd Lieutenant Jack Roosevelt Robinson, and his refusal earned him a court martial for “behaving with disrespect” and “wilful disobedience of lawful command.” Lieutenant Robinson stood his ground at trial, and he was acquitted of all charges. After being honourably discharged, he signed a contract with the Kansas City Monarchs baseball club to pursue his passion for athletics. A few short years later, Jack “Jackie” Robinson was called up to the Major Leagues by the Brooklyn Dodgers, breaking the colour barrier and providing much needed momentum to the desegregation movement that extended well beyond baseball.

Amazingly smooth and beautiful, Palomino is the world’s best pencil. The Blackwing is recommended for drawing, sketching and shading; for a writing pencil, check out the Palomino Blackwing 602.

Made in Japan

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