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The penitent department of HE Gosch is dubbed "Viking" in the best national romantic spirit. The trademark is registered on May 3, 1913, and already the following year, January 2, 1914, the first pencils are on the market. In 1919, Viking acquired its own buildings - newly constructed for the purpose in Sturlasgade. 

The start is hard. There is no local expertise in pencil production and World War I combined with the 20's hyperinflation with German competitors makes the situation almost hopeless.

Folmer Preisler, however, is not only an illiterate but also unusually creative, and he has the idea of ​​appealing to the Danish population for support. Under the motto "Ring ring about Viking", there is such a great PR victory that the small Danish pencil factory in 1923 gets its first profit and can defend expanding the plant several times as well as establishing production in Malmö. 

Viking's unwavering commitment to excellence is what has seen this company survive and flourish. Owning a piece of Viking is owning a little piece of Danish history.