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A personal side to Pepa

A personal side to Pepa

There's a really personal side to Pepa. As a child there was barely anything I enjoyed more than that moment each day when I got to check the mailbox (Sundays usually upset me as it was a guaranteed no-mail day).

As I grew older the frequency of good mail lessened, but my hope there'd be a letter inside the box never decreased.  It feels so good when you actually get mail, it's worth the disappointment on the days where there isn't any.

What I can't bare to think about is a mailbox that never gets any letters. 

The digital age is ever-growing and because of it, our written communication is diminishing. There are Nana's out there checking their mailboxes every day. There are kids checking theirs. Imagine how happy they'd be if there was a letter in there, thoughtfully written just for them.

We all have the power to make someones day, every day. We're just too busy most of the time to get around to it. 

I wanted Pepa to be a one-stop-shop that would inspire letter writing as well as eliminate some of the barriers to doing it. We have a range of beautiful stationery to write on, but we also sell stamps, give you a place to write and even post the letter for you.  That's how much I want you to send a letter to your Nana. 

So.... perhaps there's someone you'd like to thank for something or someone who's day you could brighten with a letter. You will feel really good for doing it, and they will be over the moon you were thinking about them. 

If you'd like to receive some mail of your own there are a couple of great places you can visit online to instigate it:

Postcrossing is an online project that allows its members to send and receive postcards from all over the world. The project's tag line is "send a postcard and receive a postcard back from a random person somewhere in the world". Over 43 MILLION postcards have been sent. 

For a lifetime membership of $5 US dollars you can join The Letter Writers Alliance (you even get a patch) and be personally matched with a penpal from anywhere in the world. 

And this last one makes me well up every time. More Love Letters  is a global organisation that write and mail letters to strangers all over the world who need support and encouragement. Anyone can nominate a recipient and three people a month get written to from strangers all over the world. Makes for a giant bundle of mail for people who really it could make a life changing difference to. 

If you need any tips on how to get back into letter writing, visit Naomi Bulgar's inspirational website, Naomi Loves. Her website contains an array of resources, ideas and inspiration. If you stop into Pepa we have her tips printed out, free for you to take a copy of. 

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